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About Who are we?


Our mission is to help our customers simplify their business processes. From simple automated e-shops to complex enterprise workflow machines. We're proud to be as agile as possible.


We use the most modern technologies to achieve our mission but never for the price of stability. Every project needs its own choice but our best friends are Symfony 4+, Angular 6+ and C#.

Services What do we do?

Web applications

Do you need to automate your company processes and have full control from your home or office? You have just found the ideal solution.

Native applications

Do you need software way more powerful than classic web application? Access to printers or other hardware is a piece of cake for native apps.

Hardware development

Do you need to develop a machine, sensor or complex enterprise solution? When combined with web app it becomes even more useful.

Career Want to join us?

Symfony 4 developer

Do you enjoy working with Symfony 4 + Doctrine 2 stack?
Are git branches your daily bread?
Is Linux or Mac your primary operation system?

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